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Effective Coaching-Consulting Shouldn’t Cost…It Should Pay… and Continue to Do So Forevermore!

“There’s Got to Be Better Way!”

As a shop owner, you have no doubt asked yourself this at one time or another…and you’d be right, there is a better way! In fact there are many things one can and should do differently in the operation of their collision repair business. They just need to identify what they are and make the necessary changes to enhance their day-to-day operations and the service to their true customer.

Most every ADE Coaching/Consulting client has called us when they are at “the-end-of-their-rope” and have tried everything they know to do without achieving the success they seek and have found they have nowhere else to turn. Many have called us in tears due to the fear of losing their business, or simply due to frustration, doom and despair.

What is offered through ADE Repairer Coaching/Consulting is a clear vision of how a quality oriented, independent collision repair business can and should operate. ADE philosophies are not rocket science, and in fact, most, if not all of our coaching/consultant clients ask themselves at some point; “This is so easy, why didn’t I think of it before!?”

Repairer Coaching Consulting Services

Following the simple, yet extremely effective tailored processes enables the owner/manager and their staff to conduct day-to-day business effectively, without unnecessary interruption and influence from third-parties. This allows them to concentrate on the numerous factors that increase performance, quality, customer satisfaction and profitability. Such enhancements also enable and encourage repairers to view their business with a new and profound perspective. This new viewpoint will enable repairers to once again regain the pride, enjoyment, and the many rewards they sought when first entering the profession which allows clarity and the use of common sense.the way a successful business should be conducted.

As a result of viewing and doing things in a different and more profitable way, one can then manage their business (vs. being managed by their business) and augment their current activities to offer better customer service and a higher level of quality while receiving proper compensation for their efforts.

It’s not specifically about, CSI, KPIs or increased efficiency, “cycle-times”, “touch-time’, “productivity” etc. These things are indeed important and there are a number of industry consultants who offer their services to address such specific information…what ADE offers is merely thinking ‘outside the box’ and “doing 100 things 1% better rather than doing 1 thing 100% better”… and doing them with consistency which will change the behaviors of others within and outside one’s organization for the better. As such, all other concerns and deficiencies will be addressed and enhanced during the normal course of business.

No Super Bowl Was Ever Won by a Team With a Mediocre Coach!

Currently, ADE’s Coaching/Consulting client base consist of quality repairers with annual sales from well under $500K all the way up to those doing well over $20 Million, and of course, many in between.

The basic qualifications to be an ADE Coaching Consultant client are integrity, desire, courage, conviction and those who are simply tired or worn-out and don’t know what to do or how to go about recognizing and making the needed changes.

“What Goes Around… Comes Around!”

Repairer Coaching Consulting Services

Profit is not a dirty word and there is no question that every business needs profits to survive. However, there are other things in life that are far more important than mere money. Job enjoyment, security, pride, self-respect and serving one’s community are all aspects of having a business that may mean more to most than one’s income. ADE believes that if you effectively serve and satisfy your customers and your employees, than you and your company will not only survive…it will thrive!

It’s basically; “What Goes Around, Comes Around” and ADE Coaching/Consulting clients have found continual increase in both profitability and business derived from the on-going personal referrals they have earned from their satisfied and life-long loyal customers. ADE firmly believes that there is nothing wrong with being known as “The Only One” …if it’s for good reason!

What More Have You Got to Lose?

Continuing to do as you have always done will merely get you more of the same. Change can begin with a simple no-obligation telephone call. We have helped many with just a few suggestions during such calls which have made significant impacts on them, their profits, and their business… at no cost or obligation.

Most Repairers Are So Busy Working at Their Business They Don’t Take the Time to Work on Their Business!

Repairer Coaching Consulting Services

Having been a shop owner/operator, I know what it’s like to have a business run me while I should be tending to it. Most shop owners I have met suffer from the same lack of time in their day to apply the needed attention due to “putting out fires all day”. Take a deep breath and think for a moment what it would be like to have the time and knowledge to conduct your business, like a business, and enjoy the rewards that are supposed to come with being a successful entrepreneur. Let us ADE you in achieving and celebrating the success you deserve!

If Not Now…When?

Note: Please keep in mind that not every candidate becomes an ADE Coaching/Consulting client… but it is well worth the time to discuss the possibilities! Let’s see if you have what it takes to take advantage of what may just change your life!

We couldn’t have said it better! Here’s what a few of our Repairer Coaching/Consultant clients have to say.

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