The experts all agree: buying a used vehicle without an independent Pre-Purchase Inspection is a risky gamble that almost never ends well.

We’d love to live in a world where everyone told the truth, and no one tried to hide damage to a vehicle that they are trying to sell. Unfortunately, that’s just not reality. Whether intentionally participating in a cover-up, or simply ignorant of the problem(s) that an older vehicle may bring to the table, it’s a fact that 90% of all used cars have maintenance items not performed*. Each year, over 400,000 totaled vehicles end up on sale and back on the road*. A pre-purchase inspection offers buyers peace of mind that cannot be found any other way.

So what’s involved in a pre-purchase inspection provided by Auto Damage Experts?

The first element of a pre-purchase inspection from ADE is a thorough, bumper-to-bumper visual inspection of the vehicle. We check the undercarriage, looking for any evidence of major collision repairs, flood damage, corrosion or any repairs that may indicate existing or future problems. It is often the case that we find evidence of previous repairs that the current seller might not even be aware of. When making a large purchase (such as that of a vehicle), knowledge is power – and many dealers or private sellers may not know exactly what to look for. We do.

Next in your pre-purchase inspection, we visually check the brake, steering and suspension components. These are the elements of a vehicle that are 100% directly connected to your safety, and that of those who drive with (and/or next to) you.

We’ll also pop the hood, and do a complete visual inspection of the engine and all associated components. We check for telltale signs of both previous and current problems. Many sellers just power wash the engine compartment to clean it up, but we look for cracks in the wires and hoses, as well as any leaks that the water might have missed. We listen to the engine with ears that are skilled at knowing what to listen for.

And finally, in your pre-purchase inspection, we take the car on a road test. We evaluate the performance of the engine, transmission, steering and suspension as well as the brakes across various driving conditions. If there’s cause for concern, we’ll find it.

When compared to the value of your safety and that of your loved ones, the investment of a pre-purchase inspection is a very small price to pay. In most cases, the issues that we find are either deal breakers, (in which case, you avoid making a mistake that could cost you thousands!) or easily corrected and price-adjusted by the seller.

Auto Damage Experts is your pre-purchase inspection partner for that peace of mind going into any used vehicle sale. Please feel free to contact us directly with questions.

* National Car Care Council, Consumer Reports