Are you in need of a classic car appraisal?

Auto Damage Experts provide certified classic car appraisals for all your valuation needs. You can trust that our professional certified appraisers will deliver an expert appraisal for your classic, collectible, exotic, vintage, muscle car and/or custom built vehicle. ADE is a full service appraisal company that will assist you in addressing all of your appraisal needs, whether you need an automotive appraisal for ample insurance coverage, estate, divorce settlement, etc. we are here to ADE you!.
Our company provides accurate vehicle appraisals based on your needs and type of value (Fair Market Value, Diminished Value, Replacement Value, Actual Cash Value, etc.). We utilize the latest and most current information derived from market analysis, reference manuals, and auction sales reports, along with our expertise regarding all makes and models of vehicles in the automotive industry to establish a fair market value, ctual cash value (ACV), replacement value etc.

Auto Damage Experts appraisal reports are written in compliance with the Appraisal Foundation and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Appraisals are Recommended:

  • Before buying or selling a vehicle
  • When securing collateral for a loan
  • When a vehicle has suffered a loss in value due to a loss (diminished value)
  • When assessing the value of property and/or an estate
  • Before, during and after restoring a vehicle for ample insurance coverage
  • When shopping for specialty insurance
  • When determining import or export duties
  • Anytime you need to know the true “Market Value” of a vehicle

What is Fair Market Value?

Black’s Law Dictionary defines “Fair Market Value” as “The price a willing and knowledgeable buyer would pay a willing and knowledgeable seller, neither party being under duress and both having a reasonable knowledge of relevant facts…”

Auto Damage Experts has over 50 years of collective experience in the automotive industry including; Auto Retail Sales, Auto Body Repair, Restoration and Repair of Late-model, Classic and Exotic Vehicles, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Appraisal Clause Activities, Auto Damage Appraisals and more.

Let ADE instill the confidence that will allow you to make knowledgeable and well- informed decisions.

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